How to build the perfect CV

🚀 Unleash Your Professional Potential: Crafting the Perfect CV 🚀

Finding your Dream role starts with your CV, it’s the first and only impression you can give prior to an interview. If you’re looking for a new role, started a new job, completed a project or passed a qualification then now is the perfect time to update or refine your CV. But if you’re anything like me you’re probably panicking about how to create the “Perfect CV”.

Firstly I don’t actually know if there is such a thing as a perfect CV but in the article I want to dive into the art of creating a CV that’ll make recruiters like me do a happy dance and reach out.

The Blueprint for Success – Format

Your CV is like the blueprint of your career. Begin with the essentials: your name, contact details, and a captivating headline that sums up your strengths. Then, proceed to outline your work history, education, and enhance your profile with any noteworthy extras like certifications, languages, or volunteer work. I use a simple font and colour, use bold or italics for emphasis and try to keep it to 2-3 pages max. This way employers can pick out and find key information quickly. If you’re ever in doubt try putting yourself in the seat of a hiring manager and recruiter, think about what you would like to know!

Clarity is Key

Be concise yet crystal clear. No need to turn your CV into an essay or book! The best CVs in my experience are simple, clean and concise. Bullet points are your allies; they break down your accomplishments and skills in a flash. Utilise action verbs like ‘achieved,’ ‘managed,’ or ‘led’ to bring life into your achievements.

Showcase Your Achievements

Here’s where you get to stand out. In the ‘Work Experience’ section, focus on your accomplishments, not just your tasks. Highlight the impact of your actions. Did you boost sales? Streamline processes? Excel in a crisis? Don’t be shy; share your successes. If you can make it quantifiable even better! Example: My training led to 40% more leads YOY and overachieved targets by 180%. Think of this more of an elevator pitch as to what you can bring to the table.

Skills & Proficiencies

Now it’s time to display your skill set. List your relevant skills and technology competencies. Be honest – there’s no need to claim mastery of Photoshop when you’re more of a beginner. Authenticity is key. Distinguish between hard skills (quantifiable, technical skills) & soft skills (personal qualities & traits)

Educational Background & Training

Don’t overlook the education section. Include your qualifications, courses; and the institutions you attended. Emphasise any academic distinctions or pertinent training – it’s all part of your professional narrative. You don’t need to go as far as showing you GCSE grades!

Volunteer Work & Additional Projects

Don’t underestimate your extracurriculars. Volunteer work, freelance projects, or side endeavors highlight your commitment and abilities beyond your typical workday. They add depth to your professional profile, for example, I include my rugby coaching, Don’t down play the impact you have everyday!

Tailor for the Role

Here’s a vital tip – your CV isn’t one-size-fits-all. Customise it for each job application. Spotlight the skills and experiences that align with the job description. It’s like wearing the right clothes for an occasion, a 3 piece suit might look good but you wouldn’t wear it to play a game of football.

Proofread Vigilantly

Typos are the Achilles’ heel of your CV. Proofread it meticulously, and then do it again. Seek the input of a reliable colleague or friend. A polished CV portrays you in the best light. If you don’t feel comfortable showing your CV to friends there are 100s of apps like Grammarly that can help you spot those hidden areas.

Be creative, but maintain Professionalism

Feel free to infuse some personality – a touch of colour, an elegant font – but remember to keep it professional. Your CV serves as the canvas; your skills are the masterpiece.

Keep It Current

Just like your career evolves, so should your CV. Update it regularly, particularly after each new professional chapter (job). Keep it fresh and ready for the next opportunity.

There you have it, your guide to a CV makeover! Your CV is your professional attire, helping you unlock new opportunities in your career journey. Prepare it meticulously, set the stage, and watch the doors of opportunity swing wide open. 🚀💼💪

Now, go out there and conquer the professional world, one CV at a time!