Create your personalised Music on Hold with us

On this page you will find all the ideas you need to create your music on hold production. This includes sample scripts and the mega mixer.

You can choose your voiceover and music and then hear them together. There are boxes below for you to type your script and simply email them to us.

Give your Business a Voice

Playing music was once considered enough. People became impatient with an endless stream of elevator music. For the person waiting for assistance, the time often drags by, feeling twice as long than reality.

But we can’t just leave them hanging…

say not answering is their biggest gripe
make a purchase based off information heard
messaging-on-hold listeners say it increases awareness

An essential service for business

Before the call begins, it is important to identify and engage with Prime listeners. These are customers who are highly engaged and interested in the products or services offered by your business.

Upsell premium products that are tailored to their needs and preferences, promote limited-time offers, and educate callers on key information related to your business or industry to help position your brand as an authority and provide value to your customers.

Choose your Voice and Backing Track

From warm and friendly vocals to conversational or no-nonsense corporate tones, we have a wide selection of choice to ensure there’s a fit for your brand.

Script Writing

We have several different script ideas to help you create your bespoke music on hold production. You don’t need to write much,

just a little information about your company, and why not promote some offers that you currently have?

Two Prompt Scripts
Auto Attendant and Night Service

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    InMusic Brands Case Study

    inMusic is an American enterprise that is the parent company for a family of brands of varying audio products used in the DJ, music production, live sound, musical instrument, pro audio, software, stage lighting, and consumer electronics industries.

    Openroom Case Study

    OpenRoom creates healthcare and retail events around the world, connecting c-level end-users with suppliers. Their blend of one-on-ones, discussion groups and inspiring content builds business communities and provides the ultimate networking experience.

    Malvern Motor Services Case Study

    Malvern Motor services are one of the largest independent garage workshops operating in Malvern and the surrounding areas. They have been trading successfully for over 30 years offering friendly and helpful advice beyond the call of duty to help their customers.

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