Are you prepared for the 2025 PSTN Switch Off?

What is the PSTN switch off?
The PSTN Switch off is the cease of the legacy ‘Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) due to its inability to meet the demands of modern communication. This network, comprised of copper cables and established in the late 1800s, is being replaced by a more robust, future-proofed infrastructure, known as; full-fibre technology.

By December 2025, the PSTN will be completely shut down, prompting all users, including businesses, to transition to digital networks operating via Internet Protocol (IP) over fibre-based services. The UK’s national ‘stop sell’ initiative starting on September 5th, 2023, marks the cease of traditional phone line and copper-based broadband sales. Businesses must adapt by upgrading their telephony and broadband to digital alternatives to ensure continued functionality.

All the traditional PSTN lines, such as, analogue, or digital phone lines, ISDN phone systems or even older internet connections such as ADSL and FFTC will be affected, rendering them obsolete once fully switched off.

The PSTN stop sell won’t just affect your telephony and broadband services. It also means that you will need to upgrade any equipment that currently utilises the PSTN network, such as alarms, EPOS machines, door entry systems, CCTV and so on.

Why the switch off?
The traditional PSTN networks, made from copper cables and installed back in the late 1800’s is simply aging rapidly. The shift away from PSTN is driven by its outdated infrastructure, escalating maintenance costs, and incapacity to support high-speed and high-bandwidth requirements crucial for the new digital transformation that the United Kingdom is currently undergoing.

The replacement—full-fibre connectivity—addresses these shortcomings, aligning with the country’s new digital age and accommodating faster, more reliable communication technologies like mobile and internet-based systems.

When is the PSTN switch off happening, and how will it affect me?
In 2025, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is being switched off by Openreach. Approximately 2.4 million UK businesses that currently rely on legacy telephone and ISDN networks need to upgrade their systems to remain operational post-PSTN shutdown in 2025.

Openreach are already busy laying new fibre cables up and down the U.K and are making good progress, being on track to replace every connection across the U.K by their 2025 date. You may find that in many exchange areas it’s no longer possible to buy any copper based PSTN services.

It’s crucial to explore and adopt fibre-based technology now to ensure a smooth transition and leverage the benefits of modern services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for voice calls, and various broadband options such as SoGEA, FTTP, and wireless leased lines. Now whilst it may seem like a daunting task to make the switch before this date, it’s an exciting time and the benefits of moving over to a full fibre network are huge.

To prepare for the PSTN switch off, business utilising PSTN services must transition to IP telephony solutions and fibre-based broadband. Acting early not only ensures that your business can remain operational, with no setbacks, but also provides you with a competitive edge by embracing advanced telephony and connectivity options before the enforced changeover. Speak to a member of our team today and discuss your options on moving over to a future proofed service.

How can Global 4 help?
With 25 years’ experience in providing technology solutions to business and with a team of specialists working across Hosted Telephony, Data Connectivity, Business Energy, Business Mobile, IT Services and Security, we are perfectly positioned to advise and guide you through the process of upgrading your technology solutions. We can help plan what needs to be updated and the timelines you need to adhere to ensure no disruption to your business.

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