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At Global 4, we have established partnerships with leading mobile security providers, including Wandera, Samsung Knox, MaaS360, Microsoft Intune and SOTI.

These strategic partnerships allow us to provide our clients with the latest mobile security solutions helping keep their data safe and secure.

Capabilities of MDM

Device Management

MDM enables businesses to remotely manage and configure their mobile devices,allowing actions such as; provisioning new devices, monitoring device status, enforcing security policies, and wiping devices in case of loss or theft.

Application Management

MDM allows businesses to manage and control the applications installed on their mobile devices, including deploying, updating, and removing apps, plus enforcing security policies and restrictions.

Content Management

MDM enables businesses to manage and secure mobile content, such as documents, files, and emails, by enforcing access controls, encrypting data, and enforcing compliance policies.

Security Management

MDM provides businesses with a range of security features, such as encryption, password policies, remote lock and wipe, and malware protection, to protect their mobile devices and data against cyber threats.

Compliance Management

MDM helps businesses comply with industry regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, by enforcing security policies and monitoring access to sensitive data.

Reporting and Analytics

MDM provides businesses with visibility into their mobile devices, applications, and data, allowing them to monitor usage, identify potential issues, and generate reports and analytics to inform decision-making.

Our MDM partnerships


The Wandera security suite provides businesses with a comprehensive range of mobile security and data management solutions, offering numerous benefits to enhance their overall security and protect against various threats. Often deployed in tandem with a Mobile Device Management solution to ensure the correct device configuration is in place.

IBM MaaS360

Provides robust capabilities such as easy device enrollment,seamless policy enforcement, and effective application management, allowing companies to maintain control and security over their mobile ecosystem. By leveraging MaaS360, businesses can empower their workforce with secure and controlled access to corporate resources, fostering collaboration and enabling seamless mobile productivity.

Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX stands out as a powerful mobile security and management solution tailored with Samsung devices in mind but capable of managing a mixed Android and Apple fleet. Its unique features include chip level encryption and real-time protection, ensuring data integrity. The platform simplifies device provisioning and configuration, improving operational efficiency.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution. It manages user access and simplifies app and device management across your many devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and virtual endpoints. You can protect access and data on organization-owned and users personal devices.


The SOTI ONE Platform gives you complete control and visibility into all your mobile devices in the field: smartphones, tablets, computers, rugged devices, industrial printers and more. SOTI ONE provides you with an integrated suite of mobility and IoT solutions for your business.

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