Microsoft Copilot

Work smarter, be more productive, boost creativity, and stay connected to the people and things in your life with Copilot—an AI companion that works everywhere you do and intelligently adapts to your needs

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Copilot is comprised of a suite of services which empower content and app creation, data analysis, customer engagements and business functions. This is made possible by connecting your organisation to large language models (ChatGPT), referencing your internal data, integration to Microsoft applications and 3rd party functions such as CRM and company websites.  Copilot can help every type of user within an organisation to achieve something new, or, significantly shorten the amount of time typically associated to daily tasks.

What Microsoft applications does Copilot integrate with?

Examples of Copilot in use.

Microsoft Word

Use Copilot prompts to generate content from scratch, then, amend wording to be more/less formal, expand content or make it more concise. Copilot also learns from your feedback, preferences and adapts to your writing style and voice. Once created, Copilot can then take the content and turn it into a PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft Excel

Create, Edit and Understand. Users can interrogate spreadsheets to look for trends, transform raw data into charts for ease of view or create spreadsheets from scratch by interrogating data within your files or applications such as CRM. Complex formulas can be hard to generate without the right knowledge, leverage Copilot prompts to achieve this within a fraction of the time.

Microsoft Teams

Your meetings and phone calls will never be the same. Leverage Copilot within Teams to bring you up to speed if arriving late, summarise key action points against participants, gauge the mood and automate note generation by transposing content into a Microsoft application of your choice. Combine with features include live captions and transcription for a truly modern meeting standard.

Process Automation

Working in conjunction with Power Automate, Co-pilot can automate daily tasks to free up time, reduce human error and provide a better customer experience. A prompt-based guide is used, allowing users to instruct Copilot on what they want to achieve. Backend connectors are then generated to link required applications, users and data sets. On completion, Copilot can create documentation related to the process and inform relevant users of availability

What can you do with Microsoft Copilot Studio?

Copilot studio allows users to create apps without prior technical knowledge and significantly shortens the time typically associated with development. Using external and 3rd party integrations, companies can deploy advanced website chatbots with access to internal data for a richer client experience. Employee facing apps can also be created to assist with daily tasks such as joiner and leaver processes whilst integrating with ChatGPT to leverage large language models to provide the app with access to more knowledge.

What Microsoft 365 Subscriptions are required to purchase Copilot?

Users must be currently licensed for Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Business Premium, Office 365 E3/E5 and Microsoft 365 E3/E5, it is not currently available for users allocated to the Frontline worker plans.

How can Global 4 help?

As a certified partner for Microsoft Modern Workplace, Global 4 have the expertise to guide you on the journey to adoption. To help get you started, we have created a Copilot preparation checklist. This will take you through the critical steps which must be undertaken before releasing the tool to your end users. We are on hand to assist with any areas should you require assistance by leveraging our Microsoft data management and security tooling, end user training and adoption services in addition to migration strategy design.

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