What do our values mean?

Our core values underpin everything that we do at Global 4, whether that be the structure of our meetings, the benefits we offer to our staff or our team KPI’s, these four pillars effectively guide us in all of our decisions.

We Love Tech

We are passionate about product.

We understand and work with market leading products to ensure we can deliver exactly what our customers need. We guide and hold their hands to make tricky decisions feel easy. We mould our offering to the customers, we don’t shoe horn product in. We understand the market and product specs so our customers don’t have to. We simply solve the problem with the best tech.

We are able to supplement industry products with our own Dev tech to enhance solutions, we use innovative technology to allow customers to self serve where they are comfortable to do so.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional service everytime.

Everything we do is based on service. Our KPI’s and SLA’s are built as a benchmark to strive to go over and above. We are exceptionally proud of our Trustpilot rating and want to maintain it’s market leading level. Whilst building case studies from both a product/service as well as vertical perspective giving us the opportunity to win logos and consolidate our position in various vertical markets.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Great teams don’t just work together.

Parties, charity events, nights out, incentive trips, office antics it’s the glue that holds us together. Our family culture welcomes new people and gets them involved. We love to promote internally, rewarding and recognising the best performers in our business.

We drive a culture of being proud of what we do and where we work.

Grow Together

Our ultimate goal – ‘Owning the office’

Our goal is to manage all business technology through a centralised hub. We are a fast growing organisation, we have a plan and a strategy and everyone can benefit from it. There is growth in terms of opportunity to develop our peoples careers. We need to grow our culture and everyone has a part to play. We are all on this journey and growing together is the important bit. We want to help our people enrich their lives in and out of work, whatever they want to achieve.

Speak to our recruiter

Our primary objective is to introduce fresh, promising talent into our business. What holds utmost importance to us is identifying individuals we believe will thrive and excel, aligning them with the most suitable roles.

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Everyone wants to grow. Having started here five years ago, the amount of support and opportunities provided to me really has allowed me to push myself further, and therefore succeed.

James, Business Development Manager

Everyday is such a laugh. No days are the same, but each one always contains laughter and collaboration amongst colleagues who are driven to create work they are proud of.

Mark, Senior Marketing Designer

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