Business Data Connectivity

Revolutionise your business communications with the seamless power of Hosted Telephony – the catalyst for unparalleled efficiency and growth.


Connect your business
with confidence.

Your customers, your partners, your employees – if they are on your premises, they want to jump on your broadband. Offering a fast, reliable signal connects them with confidence. No fuss, no faff; just instant online access.

Our Managed Broadband powers high-speed connectivity for thousands of businesses and millions of end users.

Our Data Connectivity Products

Business Fibre Broadband

Ultra high-speed, high-performance modern broadband that packs a powerful punch. Go faster, go bigger, go better with dependable, always-on connectivity that can handle all of your business needs, all of the time

Business Leased Lines

Dedicated, resilient and super-flexible enterprise-grade broadband with guaranteed download and uptime speeds, no reduction in performance during peak times, and no sharing with others. Flex bandwidth up and down to suit your specific needs and pay only for what you need when you need it.

Business Mobile Broadband

Respond to today’s demands for instant and constant access to the web by enabling your colleagues, customers and visitors to connect their mobile devices seamlessly to a strong and secure signal. Control content; share brand messaging; capture user data – via a slick and intuitive user interface.

ADSL Business Broadband

Robust, reliable and rapid basic broadband delivered via existing phone lines for small businesses, home offices and rural locations. No fuss, no frills – just solid, dependable connectivity whenever you need it.

Why switch to Global 4?

We can provide your business with a massive range of speeds, whether you need a basic ADSL connection or a enterprise-grade leased line, we’ve got everything.

Tailored Packages

Our experts can tailor a package to suit your exact business requirements, in some cases an out of the box solution is the best for your business, however we can listen to your challenges, understand and build a packages to suit your individual business requirements.

Unrivalled Service

We believe that providing excellent service and support is just as important as providing industry-leading technology. Want to know what our customers really think of our service click on the homepage to view our latest Trustpilot reviews.

Reliability and Speeds

We understand the critical importance of a stable internet connection for your operations. Our service is designed to provide unwavering reliability, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance. Built for video conferencing, data transfers, or other bandwidth-intensive tasks, our broadband ensures a seamless, efficient workflow.


Are you ready for the Great British Switch Off?

In 2025, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is being switched off by Openreach. Approximately 2.4 million UK businesses that currently rely on legacy telephone and ISDN networks need to upgrade their systems to remain operational post-PSTN shutdown in 2025.

With 25 years’ experience, we can help plan what needs to be updated and the timelines you need to adhere to ensure no disruption to your business.

Your business, our solutions, all in one place.