Co-managed IT Services.

Co-managed IT Services

In the past, there were two options for procuring IT services: either keeping them in-house and managing everything internally or outsourcing them to a service provider. However, the traditional outsourcing model has its drawbacks, which are commonly associated with it. These pitfalls include:

Long-term Contracts

Traditional outsourcing often involves entering into lengthy contracts that may lack flexibility,.

Loss of Control

There can be a loss of control and visibility over the operations and processes.

Predefined Services

Service providers may have predefined service models and technology stacks

Service Management

Challenges in obtaining clear and up-to-date documentation, which is crucial for effective service management

End-user Satisfaction

SLA’s not truly monitoring the health of a business and therefore not uncovering end user satisfaction levels

What is co-managed?

Co-managed IT support provides a facility whereby specific components of IT management can be outsourced, however that is where the similarities end. With Co-managed IT we extend access to underlying management tools for functions including ticketing, service automation, live network monitoring and documentation. By having mutual access the process of raising, escalating and closing IT requests becomes seamless and more importantly you retain visibility of demand, performance and documentation all the way through to the offboarding stage.

With all parties having access to the same platforms we can deliver unparalleled efficiencies in service delivery and deliver new tools which enable your resources to have better visibility of IT as a whole. Put simply our collaboration enhances the success of your IT team.

A flavour of what we do.

Auditing and Documentation

We leverage a combination of your existing documentation and our specialist discovery tools to obtain an up to date and live copy of your network configuration. From here we can then discuss which components you require assistance with and we can make recommendations on how the Co-managed model will operate service components that you wish to handover.

Define the Runbook

Prior to commencement we deploy our service management tools, compile documentation and configure automated tasks and train your team on how to use our service platforms. We map out third party vendor activity, establishing where there are overlaps or gaps, and defining service level agreements (SLA’s) that support your business needs.

Constant Improvement

Your Customer Experience Manager evaluates all service demand for areas of commonality and to measure user satisfaction. Feedback is delivered as part of ongoing review meetings with the joint purpose of maximising the experience of your end users. With control of IT regained and efficiencies in time, we give you the ability to focus on strategic improvements therefore enabling continuous IT service improvement.

What does continual improvement look like?

Service Review

• Review business services and infrastructure services on a regular basis.

• Improve service quality where necessary.

• Identify more economical ways of providing a service where possible.

Process Evaluation

• To evaluate processes on a regular basis.

• Identifying areas where the targeted process metrics are not reached

Definition of Initiatives

• To define specific initiatives aimed at improving services and processes.

• Based on the results of service reviews and process evaluations.

• Evaluate whether initiatives are either internal initiatives pursued by the service provider on their own behalf, or initiatives which require customer cooperation.


• To verify if improvement initiatives are proceeding according to plan.

• Introduce corrective measures where necessary.

What systems do we use?

Advanced tools used to deliver the Co-managed service are extended to our customers so they can benefit from the best of breed service management platform:

Infrastructure & Network Management

• Visual Network Mapping
• Network Traffic analysis
• Fault finding & alerting


• Automated & manual documentation
• Secure password management
• Auditing & versioning

Professional Services Automation

• Helpdesk
• Change Control
• Process Management
• Asset Management
• Service Reporting

Remote Monitoring & Management

• Proactive Endpoint (PC, Laptop) & Server health monitoring
• Patching, software control & diagnostics
• Energy consumption & usage reporting
• Remote Support


• Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)
• Event management (SIEM)

Dashboards and

• Live system & service
• For use by the Internal IT function & senior management

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