Elevate your patient experience.

In today’s fast paced world of dentistry, technology has become an essential tool for delivering the best in patient experience, boosting productivity and improving day to day operations. For dentists aiming to stay ahead of the curve, Global 4 stands out as a trusted partner offering innovative solutions and the latest products.

Here at Global 4, we are all about empowering dental practices with technology that not only meets but exceeds patient expectations. We get it – delivering an exceptional patient experience is essential. That’s why our technology solutions are tailored to optimise every step of the patient journey, from the moment they pick up the telephone to walking through the door to their follow-up appointments and beyond.

But we don’t stop at communication. Our comprehensive technology solutions cover every aspect of your practice’s operations. Whether it’s ensuring reliable connectivity or building a robust IT infrastructure, we’ve got you covered. By bringing all your technology needs together under one roof, we make managing your practice simpler and more efficient, so you can focus on what truly matters – providing top-notch care to your patients.

Here’s a glimpse at how we can help take your practice to new heights.

Hosted Telephony:
Effective communication systems revolutionise how your practice interacts with patients, staff, and peers. In dentistry, where communication is key to success, relying solely on traditional phone systems may no longer be enough. That’s where our unified communication platform steps in, seamlessly integrating voice, video, and messaging. This integration facilitates real-time collaboration and swift responses to patient enquiries. With hosted telephony solutions, you gain access to a suite of features crafted to improve how you handle communication, administration, and data integration within your dental practice. Integration with systems like Dentally further enhance patient communications, seamlessly bringing the most relevant information to your employees fingertips, making communications more personable and consistently enhancing the patient experience.

IT Services:
With a suite of IT services available, from a fully outsourced service desk to support with specific IT programmes our IT team consistently impact and improve both the employee and patient experience across thousands of practices. Our expertise in IT security keeps your patients data safe and secure whilst keeping your team on top of firmware updates ensuring minimum downtime.

Our knowledge in maximising the capabilities of Microsoft 365, ensures that you get the most out of the licence you probably already invest in. With Microsoft OneNote and SharePoint, managing patient records becomes a breeze, allowing you to provide personalised care tailored to each individual. Whilst Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams enhance communication across the practice. Take the security and compliance of your practice to the next level by leveraging features like Multi-Factor Authentication and Advanced Threat Protection, which work together to safeguard patient data and maintain trust.

Mobile Solutions:
In today’s bustling dental world, mobile solutions are game changers, driving success by emphasising connectivity, productivity, and adaptability. They are not just phones; they are tools that empower dental teams to stay in touch with patients, colleagues, and partners wherever they are. This fosters an environment where quick responses are crucial for efficient dental care. Gone are the days of being tied to the office. With mobile devices, dental professionals can work on the move, addressing tasks whenever and wherever they arise. These devices come with flexible plans tailored to fit the unique needs of dental practices, whether it’s a small clinic or a large group of practices we have a solution to fit your requirements.

Being more mobile enables dental teams to engage with patients on the go, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction. Plus, with advanced security measures in place, these mobiles ensure that sensitive patient information remains protected, instilling confidence among patients and giving dental practices the agility they need to thrive in today’s landscape.

How Global 4 have helped transform the Clyde Munro Dentistry Group.
Established for 25 years and supported by a 5-star Trustpilot rating. Global 4 has been instrumental in transforming Clyde Munro Dentistry Group’s operations, serving as their exclusive supplier, and introducing state of the art solutions. By implementing a Cloud telephone system and establishing data connectivity across the group, communication capabilities have been modernised, leading to substantial cost savings of 37.5% compared to previous suppliers. Global 4 simplified the billing process by consolidating all their bills into a single monthly invoice has made operations smoother, ensuring efficiency and financial transparency across all practices within the estate.

By centralising support with a single contact number, we’ve ramped up responsiveness and efficiency, making sure help is just a call away for all our practices. With improved interpretive connectivity, communication flows seamlessly, making the patient experience even better and service delivery smoother. We’ve also got robust disaster recovery plans in place, along with handy features like missed-call reporting and call recording, ensuring that our service never falters, and quality remains top notch. Global 4 strengthened frontline support by adding more practice manager handsets and implementing an alert system that swiftly identifies any connectivity issues. These efforts reflect our commitment to refining operations and ensuring that every patient’s experience at Clyde Munro Dentistry Group is truly exceptional.

In the words of Clyde Munro Dental; “It was a stroke of genius to upsell Invisalign. We’re planning our future stretch targets for new products with this possibility in mind now.” “It’s amazing what it can tell you about outages – we know here in head office before our practice receptionists do!”.

Global 4 is more than just a technology solutions provider – we are your partner in success. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we enable dental practices to elevate their operations and exceed patient expectations consistently.

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