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Revolutionise your business communications with the seamless power of Hosted Telephony – the catalyst for unparalleled efficiency and growth.



Feature-rich Unified Hosted Telephony, Built for Business.

Empower your team to work from any location, using any device, and harness the full potential of voice, video, messaging, file sharing, and an array of other tools all with our Hosted Telephony solution.

Hosted Telephony Softphone Client

Hosted Telephony, designed for business

Improve your business communication efficiency with a system designed to be tailored to your customer journey.

Cloud-based VoIP

Leverage the power of the cloud to deliver crystal-clear voice calls, integrated messaging, and versatile features tailored to your business needs. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your phone system from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and enhancing collaboration among your team members..

Streamlined Administration

Intuitive administrative controls, empowering you to manage users, settings, and features effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface and centralised management, you can efficiently oversee your telephony operations, make instant updates, and ensure seamless communication across your organisation.

Versatility and Scalability

Designed to adapt to your evolving needs, our solution offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Whether you’re a small start-up or a growing enterprise, our hosted telephony effortlessly scales alongside your business, accommodating expansion without disruptions.

Integration of Data

Enjoy the convenience of synchronised data across various platforms, ensuring that your team has access to real-time information, streamlining workflows, and optimising decision-making processes allowing you to elevate your business operations.

CRM Integration

With a range of plug & play integrations, alongside a comprehensive Open-API and webhook library, Our Hosted Telephony solutions allow partners to offer a cohesive SaaS ecosystem for customers.

Cost Savings

Hosted telephony eliminates the need for costly hardware, offering a subscription-based model that aligns with your budget while providing enterprise-level communication capabilities. Additionally, with reduced maintenance and support requirements, you’ll experience minimised operational expenses.

Contact Centre

Our platform is tailored to enhance customer interactions, offering seamless integration of voice, messaging, and data to streamline operations. With robust features like intelligent call routing, real-time analytics, and scalable capacity, we empower your agents to deliver exceptional customer service.

Enhanced Mobility

Empower your workforce to stay connected from anywhere, at any time, using any device. Our solution provides seamless integration, enabling employees to make and receive calls, access voicemail, and collaborate through messaging and video conferencing, regardless of their location.

Increase Productivity

With advanced features like call routing, conferencing, and real-time messaging, your workforce can stay connected and productive, driving efficiency across the organisation. Say hello to increased productivity as our Hosted Telephony simplifies communication, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

Advanced Hosted Telephony features.

Explore key features of our Hosted Telephony offering that make it one of the most versatile and cost effective business communications solution you can buy.

Hunt Groups

Route calls to a group of users, with a range of options including simultaneous, sequential, and round-robin.

Call Queues

Route calls to key business numbers so they ring simultaneously within a team or department.

Time Diaries

Assign call routes for your business operating hours, with alternative out-of-hours and holiday routes.

IVR Menus

Let callers choose their destination with touch-tone inputs, incorporating bespoke or default voice prompts.

Call Forwarding

Divert calls to an alternative destination, including other groups, extensions, or personal numbers.

Call Screening

Screen and block calls from unknown or unwanted numbers to ensure your lines stay open for customers.

Dial-by Extension

Allow callers to reach individual users from your primary business number by keying in the extension number.

Caller ID Routing

Handle calls from important customers or frequent callers with custom routing including automatic diverts.

SIP Trunks

Configure SIP trunks to route calls to an on-site PBX while integrating key features from our solution.


Create custom audio files by typing your greetings and IVR prompts, and selecting a voice preference.

Wallboards and Reporting

Live or scheduled overviews of statistics including wait times, number of calls answered or abandoned.

Call Recording

Keep a record of your calls for training or dispute resolution, with up to 90 days rolling cloud storage included.


Set up user or team mailboxes, with voicemail-to-email, PIN protection, and configurable notifications.

On-hold Playlists

Configure custom on-hold playlists with your choice of greetings, on-hold music, and in-call messaging.

Call Parking

Free up your line and let other users offer support by parking multiple calls instead of putting them on hold.

Call Monitoring

Support team members by listening to their calls, whispering instructions, or taking control if required.


Create instant commands for features such as call parking, call monitoring, and switching call routes.

Presence Settings

Keep track of your colleagues’ availability with a live display when they are available, or taking a call.

Integrate with the tools your business relies on

With a range of plug & play integrations, alongside a comprehensive Open-API and webhook library, our Hosted Telephony solutions allow partners to offer a cohesive SaaS ecosystem for customers.

Hosted Telephony Integrations

Why choose us for your Hosted Telephony?

We firmly believe in tailoring solutions to fit the needs of each business. We understand that no two businesses are alike, and therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suffice. Starting as a small independent telephony provider, we’ve evolved into a multi-award-winning entity, offering cutting-edge solutions across diverse industry verticals.

Our Hosted Telephony products

We collaborate with top-tier Hosted Telephony providers such as 8×8 and CallSwitch, allowing us to deliver the ideal solution for your business needs.

If you have a preference between these platforms, simply inform one of our specialists. If not, we’ll assess your specific requirements and tailor the system to suit your business perfectly.

CallSwitch One

The market-leading UCaaS platform, delivering a powerful suite of unified communications features that enable employees to work from anywhere, on any device– from office and remote workers, through to contact centre.

8×8 Communications

8×8 is transforming the future of business communications. By integrating voice, video, chat, contact center, and enterprise-class API solutions into one global, secure, reliable cloud communications platform.

Frequently asked questions about Hosted Telephony

What is Hosted Telephony?

Hosted Telephony, also known as cloud-based telephony, refers to a communication system where the hardware and infrastructure necessary for managing calls are hosted off-site in the cloud. This service allows businesses to access advanced telephony features and functionalities over the internet, offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency without the need for on-premises equipment. With Hosted Telephony, organisations can streamline their communications, enjoying enhanced mobility, easier management, and seamless integration with other business applications.

How does Hosted Telephony work?

Hosted Telephony operates by leveraging cloud-based technology to manage communication services over the internet. It functions through a service provider’s infrastructure that stores and maintains the necessary hardware and software remotely.

When utilising Hosted Telephony, calls are transmitted as data packets over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. This technology allows businesses to access a wide range of telephony features, including voice calls, voicemail, conferencing, and more, all managed through an intuitive online interface. With Hosted Telephony, users can experience enhanced flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness as the system adapts seamlessly to evolving business needs without the requirement for extensive on-site equipment.

How can Hosted Telephony benefit your business?

Hosted Telephony offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking advanced communication solutions. By embracing Hosted Telephony, organisations can enjoy enhanced flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency in their communication systems.

This technology allows seamless integration with various devices, enabling employees to stay connected from any location with internet access. Additionally, Hosted Telephony offers advanced features like call routing, voicemail, conferencing, and analytics, empowering businesses to streamline operations and improve customer interactions.

With its scalable nature, Hosted Telephony accommodates business growth without the need for significant infrastructure changes, making it a reliable and future-proof solution for modern communication needs.

What are the downsides of Hosted Telephony?

Given its reliance on internet connectivity, a strong and reliable connection is imperative to effectively support a hosted system. Insufficient connectivity may adversely affect call quality. However, in today’s business landscape, there is a wealth of dependable and dedicated services available. Therefore, there’s no need for businesses to tolerate subpar internet connections, as various reliable options exist to ensure seamless and high-quality communication experiences

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