Realtime Risk Monitoring

For Microsoft 365

What’s the value of knowing this information?

At Global 4 we have partnered with SafeWeb to provide continuous dark web monitoring, but what is value of knowing this information and what is the potential impact on your business?

Cyber attackers will attempt to access business services using compromised credentials found on the dark web, Microsoft 365 is often the primary target.

Why is this?

  1. Compromised email accounts can be used to commit fraud, either by extracting sensitive information or diverting payments to an attackers account. This is achieved by intercepting communications without the owner being aware. Rules and forwards are often added to further facilitate these attacks, and these can be very hard to spot unless you look for them. 

  2. Ransomware can be easily deployed via a compromised account; a demand is then made for this to be removed. This can significantly damage a company’s operation and reputation and there is no guarantee that access will be restored, even if the ransom is paid.

Real time risk monitoring
for Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 contains some of your most valuable company data and is therefore a primary target for cyber attackers. With the possibility of credentials being leaked onto the Dark Web, now is the time to take proper action.

Ask yourself, how do you know if your 365 account has been compromised? Typically, the answer is when it’s too late…

Keep track of malicious actions.

Global 4 provide a monitoring service to detect potentially malicious actions within a Microsoft 365 tenancy and act on your behalf, these include:

  1. Login from an unknown location.
  2. Addition of forwards or rules into a mailbox – this is a primary method of data extraction and infiltration used by cyber attackers once account access is gained.
  3. Other indicators of risk including over-shared files, addition of Microsoft 365 administration accounts and accounts unprotected by multi-factor authentication.

We offer this on a simple and fixed price, charged per user each month. This comes at a fraction of the cost when compared to operating this in-house and is proven to significantly increase the overall security and health of a Microsoft 365 environment.

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