Increase functionality and productivity, with advanced team collaboration.

Team collaboration has become a major part of any business. Whether you are rapidly growing or just looking to improve the functionality and productivity of your team, communication is a key element to achieving your goals.

COVID 19 highlighted the gaps in team collaboration and communication for most businesses. Most companies looked to what they already know existed at first. They spread their communication across multiple platforms such as WhatsApp for group chats, Zoom and teams for virtual meetings. They also forwarded telephone calls from their PBX style phone system to their mobiles for external calls. However, with the advancements of VoIP, the working day has transformed dramatically in the past few years. Employees are no longer necessarily tied to their desks from nine to five, they’re connected through smartphones and tablets at both work and home allowing for a whole new wave of hybrid working to come into play.

8×8 enables these remote voices to communicate effectively with a central hub or to clients across the country, even the world! As long as a good internet connection exists, 8×8 enables employees to work from wherever they want or where they need to be. Collaboration only works with good communication and 8×8’s VoIP solution allows this no matter the location, which is why our customer love the flexibility of the system – but why has this way of working become so important in today’s world of business?

As more of our working world becomes digitalised and moves online, businesses are using more and more applications and programs to run their business operations than ever before. When you think of collaboration, you think of a team of people working together, well now think of it from a software perspective. Unlike your traditional business telephone line, 8×8 enables business to seamlessly integrate applications such as, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Skype for Business. By allowing a seamless integration between your telecommunication system and other business essential apps, files and information can be shared easily and almost instantly between teams. Cutting the long story short, by pursuing a simple integration, you’re opening your business up for quick, fast and effective communication and ideas.

Equipping your team to positively impact productivity and help them achieve your business goals means making sure they have the right technology to get their work done and to measure how that work is impacting your overall business goals. Effortless collaboration becomes absolutely critical in achieving both, and that means making sure that your team has the right collaboration tools working for them.

Advanced cloud-based collaboration technologies allow businesses and their employees to collaborate effortlessly and virtually. These same collaboration technologies ensure that your customers remain connected and generally make communication internally and externally more efficient. This technology is so effective that the absence of it is one of the main issues employees point to when they are unable to reach their productivity targets. A study done by Ivanti found that 85% of workers don’t have the right tech or resources to take care of their tasks efficiently. Most companies hire and train more people to deal with the demands of their business, however, what if you were to increase the productivity of the current staff, not by demanding more from them, but by giving them the tools to effectively increase their productivity through team collaboration.

Companies all over the world are already starting to take to this idea, According to a recent Barron’s article, post-pandemic productivity has increased at a yearly rate of 8%, which is the highest seen since the 1960s and the clearest indication yet that virtual collaboration and working is here to stay. The right communications solutions for internal and external collaboration can have a large positive impact financially and help your business achieve its goals. To put that into perspective, SHRM reports that each year, companies with approximately 100 employees lose around £350,000 yearly due to inefficient communications. Hence the criticality of ensuring your business has the right all-in-one communications solution to keep your team collaborating with each other and with your customers.

When thinking about your current system, ask yourself, am I using this to it maximum potential, or are you missing something. When was the last time you reviewed the way you communicate and did you get the correct advice?

If you feel like 8×8’s collaboration functionality could benefit your business communications, please feel free to reach out to me for a free, in depth and concise health checks on your current setup. These are usually performed remotely but would love to be invited on site to review this.

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James Cornwall

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