Openroom Brands

OpenRoom creates healthcare and retail events around the world, connecting c-level end-users with innovative suppliers. Our blend of one-on-ones, discussion groups and inspiring content builds business communities and provides the ultimate networking experience.

How we helped Openroom Events

The problem Openroom faced

For many years Global 4 have supported Openroom Events in attending our International conferences, resulting in the team being classed more to us as friends than clients. With so much work involved in creating and organising the events we offer it has been incredibly difficult to review some of our services such as telephony.

Global 4 have always spoken to us about what they could achieve for us, and in truth we always intended to do something but never quite got round to it due to the many other tasks we have in our day-to-day operation. Thankfully, and with a little persuasion, we offered all the details on our current setup to Global 4 to review for us and to recommend an onward solution and were not disappointed.

The Solution Provided

Global 4 have been able to move us over to a central telephone system that operates both in the offices and secondly anywhere in the world using mobile application. They look after our mobiles too and ensure these are operational globally, and have always been on hand to support us with any queries or even ad-hoc training we need as we operate on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, the telephony expenditure, once spread across multiple invoices every month, has now been collated to a simple to read single monthly invoice that demonstrates a significantly smaller amount than the collection of the aforementioned used to show!

We offer no hesitation in recommending Global 4 to anyone that may be looking to update their system or rationalise their supplier-count, and know personally through experience and also from attendees of our conferences, that the service level is there to accompany the competitive costs.

Emma Faure | Founder & Director