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Managing a Call Centre

Managing a Call Centre

Call Centre Management

Call Centres are used to improve the efficiency of inbound and outbound call handling.

Call Centres improve the process of answering calls by controlling the routing of calls to staff and placing callers in a queue when staff are busy.


Lost calls mean lost revenue.

The objective of our call centres is to minimise abandoned calls by callers hanging up when all staff are busy. Messages are played to encourage callers to wait to be answered because calls can be queued call centres never give a busy tone. The benefits are typically more calls answered and improved customer service. Your staff can now handle more calls.


Make Your Call Centre Affordable

NEC makes call centres affordable. The Aspire call centres are sophisticated automatic call distribution (ACD) solutions for small/medium sized businesses providing powerful call centre features at a cost effective price.

As with all the Aspire and XN call centre solutions the systems are hybrids. ACD features can be used alongside the standard business PBX and key system features. This means that call centres can be set up in individual departments such as sales or service with the administration areas using normal business features.

The range has a real time port to provide real time management information and historical statistics via the My Calls call centre management system. Using the CTI port, integration to back office computer applications is available if required.


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