Why speak to us?

With 25 years under our belt, there isn’t an issue we haven’t heard before, or managed to solve.
Our team is expertly trained to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve your IT issues, putting your users first to ensure they remain productive.

Response Times

We have an ultra-fast response to IT support requests, averaging a below 10-minute response.

First Contact Resolution

In 80% of instances we resolve any issues that may be faced upon first contact.

Microsoft 365 Experts

We are Microsoft experts and can offer subscriptions at discounted pricing.

Bespoke Pricing

Our service is very cost effective despite including a range of functions, this is achieved with our buying power and enhanced for any clients that have multiple services with us

Multiple Components

– We include a range of proactive features within our service as standard (patch management, monitoring, security management etc.). This is in addition to our ultra-quick response support desk for any reactive issues.


Name a vertical, we have clients that we support and can provide testimonials. In particular, we have a huge footprint in both the property and dental sector.

Why receive a health check?

Keeping your IT Services up to date is essential in maintaining the smooth running of your business, the benefits of an IT Health Check are that we can start to see the potential challenges before they become problems. Much like you check your health, checking your IT systems and security should be a regular occurrence.

At Global 4 we have a series of systems and procedures to do just that, and whilst our goal isn’t to find the problems, it’s sometimes to unveil ways that you could optimise your systems better with what you currently have in place.

We are proud to be rated ‘Excellent’

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