In today’s day and age, it’s vital to consider the importance of effective communication between your employees and customers; that’s why having a business telephone system can be greatly beneficial for your company! From having the ability to improve customer service to saving your business money in the long run, it’s clear to see why telephone systems for business (and especially telephone systems for a small business!) can be a huge asset to your company.

How do Business Telephone Systems Work?

A business telephone system is a communication tool which can connect your employees and customers in a quick and efficient manner. This gives people the ability to convey information to each other whilst being away from each other, whilst removing the need for organising and attending meetings in person, like hosted telephony services or cloud phone systems. Such a system can also handle various different functions, such as voicemail, call routing and many more advanced features which will be sure to enhance your business’ productivity and customer service to no end!

Our telephone system for business uses hosted VoIP technology which routes calls over the internet and allows you to get connected using various devices; phones, smartphones and laptops are all examples of ways you can get in touch with other people so long as they’re connected to the internet! Business telephone systems will provide you with the perfect means of communication, but can also bring a whole host of features including call recording, voicemail and call routing just to name a few.

Benefits of Having a Telephone System for Business

There are many advantages to having a business telephone line at your disposal, and can benefit both your employees and clients – and can even save your business money in the long run.

Enhanced Customer Service

With so many advanced features such as hold music, call recording, auto attendant options menu and so much more, a business telephone solution can greatly improve both the quality of your customer service and the efficiency at which it’s carried out; it will also make your business look more professional and will make customers more likely to be confident in you as a company.

Increased Flexibility with Business Telephone Systems

Having access to a business telephone line is hugely advantageous in the sense that it allows for easy remote working and sharing of information between staff. Our ability to provide you with a system that allows for instant virtual information sharing (including having the same capabilities of video conferencing systems), whilst being accessible from a huge amount of devices, will not only improve the efficiency of your business but will also increase your employee’s satisfaction!

Cost Savings with a Small Business Telephone System

Small business telephone systems are the perfect solution for companies that aren’t large scale, since it reduces the need for pricey long distance calls and multiple phone lines, as well as the requirement for travelling long ways to meet in person. This can make VoIP business telephone systems the ideal thing for smaller businesses, as any information they need to convey can be done at a low cost (not to mention that our business telephone systems can be scaled up and down according to how your company’s requirements fluctuate).

Who Can Benefit From a Telephone System for Business?

From small-scale businesses to larger and more complex companies, there are many ways that different people can get value out of business telephone systems.

Small Businesses

Smaller scale businesses can find great value in investing in a telephone system for small business; they can utilise useful features such as voicemail and hold music to keep on top of their customer service, and they can scale the system up or down depending on how the company scales in the long term.

Office based jobs

Office phone systems are a great way for an office-based business to route calls to specific departments or people, allowing for excellent customer service. It also removes the need for large offices to all get together at once for meetings in person, making information sharing far more efficient.

Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about our business telephone systems.

I was very impressed with the installation and in particular the commitment of the engineers Andy and Tristan to get the job done, working out of hours to achieve it.

We are so far very impressed with the system although typical for a new system it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to!

Tim Finlinson
Parsons Son & Basley LLP

We have been extremely impressed with the services Global 4 have provided, not only with the initial smooth transfer of the lines and calls, but also the on-going service received.  

Global 4 delivered on every promise and have always provided a fast, efficient and reliable service and therefore we would certainly have no hesitation in recommending them

Michelle Bamber
Envair Ltd

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