How We Improved the Telecoms of Both Buttercups and Jardines

Here at Global 4, we put our clients at the centre of everything we do. We work with you to understand your business requirements and any issues you have with your current supplier. Our team then make recommendations based on these discussions and ensure your new system works efficiently and economically for you.

Our work with Buttercups

We were recently approached by Buttercups who were unhappy with their provider as their new cloud system wasn’t working for them. 

The issues

● Losing calls 

● Limited functionality

● Overpaying for telecoms


The supplier was also not providing a sufficient level of service to resolve the issues, and in addition, they were paying too much for their service.

Buttercups were losing calls as the YeaLink handsets provided did not give them the functionality they required, such as call transferring. This resulted in lost calls which were reflecting badly on them. 

Our solutions

● Installed a leased line

● Added functionality

● Reduced costs

● Provided excellent backup

We reviewed all the issues they were having and as a result, moved them to our hosted solution which provided them with the missing functionality they needed. Through our consultations, we agreed a leased line would be a suitable medium to run the voice traffic given their size. This also means they have an excellent backup should their main fibre line go down for any reason.

We were able to help them make significant savings, as a result, they now pay a lower monthly sum than they paid to their previous supplier. Buttercups have a better reporting capability at a lesser cost per month and were delighted to switch to our service from their last provider.

Our work with Jardines

And it’s not just Buttercups who have benefitted from moving to Global 4 recently. Jardines were paying for far too many telephone lines, all their sites were operating on a silo basis as they were all separated from each other, and many calls were coming into engaged tones.

The Global 4 team carried out a review of their existing systems and as a result, proposed an estate-wide solution. This recommended putting all Jardine’s sites on the same VOIP phone system. We proposed adding fibre broadband to every site which could also be used for training and alarm systems, card payments and CCTV access. The recommended system also included calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles for a more stable monthly cost.

We are delighted to say we were contracted by Jardines to implement our recommendations. They chose Global 4 on the basis of our improved efficiency, patient experience and equivalent costings, yet gaining so much more from their telephony suite across the board.

Improve your communications with Global 4

If you’re frustrated with your telephony systems and your business is impacted by inefficient systems, we would be happy to carry out a review of your issues and make recommendations as to how we could improve efficiency and costs for you.


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