Business Energy Solutions

Global 4 has been supplying energy to businesses for three years to over 2000 customers.
We can offer you fantastic prices on gas and electricity by comparing costs from major energy suppliers.
We are also able to offer you the option of Green Energy supply which uses wind, solar and tidal energy as the main energy source.

Business Electricity

Business electricity

We can help you to get the best electricity rates for your business. We also have Green Energy options which use renewables as the main source of energy.

Business Gas

Business gas

Global 4's energy experts can secure a better deal on gas for your business by comparing prices and delivering the best rates. Call us today to start saving.

Half Hour Metering

Half Hour Metering

Half-hourly meters consume much lower levels of electricity and receive cheaper rates from suppliers. Global 4 can deliver cheaper rates for your business.

Why Choose Global 4 for your energy solution

  • An assessment of your current energy contract, usage and pricing
  • An impartial comparison service of top energy suppliers including green energy options
  • Accuracy checks for your first bill to guarantee you are receiving the best rates
  • Keeping an eye on contract end dates to ensure you continue to receive the best rates
  • Make sure you continue to receive the best price by offering Forward Contracting of up to five years

Electricity Procurement

Business gas

Global 4's expert customer service team will take control of switching your electricity supplier, which can sometimes be a daunting task. Most of our customers can save around 20% or more when using Global 4 to switch electricity suppliers.

Global 4 can offer even more benefits to businesses that operate over multiple sites. We can help you to align your contract end dates and suppliers so that all your energy contracts can be renewed at the same time

Gas Procurement

Business gas

Our expert service makes it easy for you to get a better deal for your business gas. Comparing the UK gas markets can be time consuming and sometimes extremely confusing to know which tariff and supplier to choose. Achieving the lowest business gas prices can make a significant difference to your balance sheet.

We provide instant business gas prices from all our major suppliers. We compare the whole market instantly and present you with the lowest gas prices for your needs. Our advisors can help customers to beat their current gas tariffs and renewal rates, saving as much as 70%.

Energy Suppliers

We work with a wide range of suppliers to ensure we access to the best market prices. Our suppliers have been carefully selected due to their long term financial viability, billing accuracy and customer service.

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