Disaster Recovery

You can feel absolutely confident Global 4 are there when you really need help. If a disaster strikes and your telephone system loses service, your calls can be automatically diverted to a number of your choice. You can then work closely with telephone system engineers highly trained in restoring your telecoms system to normal, quickly.

And with NEC Telephone Systems, your handsets can automatically log on to another site where your telephone calls have been diverted to.

Your telephone calls can even be diverted to Global 4's 24-hour call centre, where your calls can be managed and messages passed back to you immediately.

With Global 4 your telecoms systems are in safe hands ... we are passionate about customer service.

Expanding A Business

If you are thinking about expanding your business... talk to Global 4 first. Whether you are simply extending your premises or growing through the acquisition of another business we can help.

Expanding Your Business Telecoms System Could Be Easier Than You Think

Expansion does not necessarily mean extra cost and with the latest telecoms technology available Global 4 can help you to take great advantage in economies of scale. With a thorough Global 4 Telecoms Health Check you could actually see cost savings. Using Global 4’s extensive experience of improving telecoms systems, you'll learn where you can be making your telecoms systems more efficient and how you can be saving your business money, even with an expansion plan.

Expanding A Business' Network In The Real World: A Case Study

Global 4 recently worked with LSL Property Services (owner of Your Move, Reed Rains and Intercounty Estate Agency brands) to support the company following its acquisition of a leading estate agency network of more than 200 branches.

Within only three months, Global 4 transferred the services from the acquired estate agency network across to LSL Property Services, installing the new system and integrating its offices. The main benefits LSL Property Services have seen from the Global 4 solution have been generated by the transition of the branches across onto one SV8100 platform, resulting in reduced costs.

"Global 4 were committed to meet our deadline and worked with a partnership approach to overcome the challenges faced with installing so many new systems in a short period of time"
Simon Hill, IT Director, LSL Property Services

Moving Premises And Your Telecoms

Global 4 understand the upheaval and stress caused by a company move. With Global 4 taking care of your telecoms you can focus on other areas of the move.

The greatest fear with moving premises is the disruption to your business and the threat of loss of or interruption to your telecommunications. Global 4 will listen to you and work with you well in advance to fully understand your needs before drawing up a thorough project plan to support the seamless transfer of your business critical system.

Manage The Relocation Of Your Telecoms Every Step Of The Way

Every step of your telecommunications move will be taken care of by Global 4 and you can feel confident dealing with an established telecoms service provider with a proven success in moving premises.

Global 4 are positioned to deal with all aspects of moving your business from line migration to the physical moving of equipment and installation. The transition will be as seamless as possible with many offices moves taking place during the weekend to ensure minimal office disruption and down time.

Auditing Your Telecoms Costs

Learn how to get more from your business telecoms service

  • Are you paying for telephone lines that you’re not even using?
  • Are you paying 60% more than you should be for short calls?
  • Is your telecoms supplier rounding up call charges to TWO decimal places when they’ve quoted you rates that are FOUR decimals places?

A Global 4 Telecoms Health Check is just what you need.

Using Global 4's 24 years experience of improving telecoms systems, you’ll learn where you can be making your telecoms systems more efficient and how you can be saving your business money.

Make ongoing savings on your business telecoms costs

After the initial health check, you can continue to work with our telecoms experts to make ongoing reductions to your telephone costs. For example, you can receive email alerts showing changes in your telephone usage and highlighting any unnecessary costs.

You'll quickly learn there are ongoing saving opportunities with reductions across both hardware and operational costs.

Here are some of the areas of your telecoms system that can be improved with a Global 4 telecoms health check:

Telephone Lines

  • Number of lines
  • Type of lines
  • Cost of lines
  • Feature lines
  • Usage of lines
  • Alarm, PDQ, faxes
    Broadband, etc


  • Identifying line cover
  • Risk assessment
  • Disaster recovery
  • Detailing equipment cover

Telecoms equipment

  • Any rented equipment or current equipment, including handsets and cards installed.

Telephone calls

  • Actual breakdown of Local, national and International Mobile, 0845, 0870, 0900, 118 numbers, peak, off-peak, weekends and inter-site traffic with the 20 most dialled numbers in each category.

Other telecoms costs

  • Network services
  • Select services
  • Installation cost

How we do improve your business telecoms?

Your Global 4 Telecoms Health Check report will include a full review of the above and recommendations about how your business can make instant savings. On average, companies save up to 40% off their telecoms bill within the first year and continued savings in the future. The telecoms health check is supported with on-going customer service and a realistic implementation plan showing how you can make the seamless transition from your exisiting telecoms provider to Global 4.

Franchise Package

Our portfolio of estate agencies represents 34% of the total market making Global 4 a leading telecoms supplier to the UK estate agency sector. This dominance has led us to become experts in the franchise sector and we are proud to supply systems and services to some of the major names found on the high street.

The key to our success lies in listening to our customer needs and providing the right systems and solutions for our clients from small local shops to larger out of town superstores.

Our franchise packages are tailored to meet the needs of your business and you’ll benefit from real savings through Global 4’s simple principled billing practice and pricing. There are no ‘special terms’ attached to our call plans which are a feature of many competitor packages. This means no hidden charges, call set up charges and excessive mobile rates normally found in our competitor’s small print!

Detailed below are some of the customers in the franchise sector who Global 4 have supported. By installing a new telecoms system we helped these clients make significant savings on their telecoms bills with a much improved inbound call service.

  • Budgens
  • Spar
  • Bairstow Eves
  • Express Worldwide
  • Fastsigns
  • K9 Capers
  • Link Up
  • 247 Staff
  • Minute Man Press
  • The Children’s Society

Telephone Systems For Home Workers

Home workers using the Global 4 system can make calls on their home line and the calls are charged to the office account without installing additional lines.

We can also link the telephone to the office system and the computers to the office server making everyone feel part of the company.

Future Telecoms Strategy

Global 4 can help you to streamline your current communications with a comprehensive telecoms audit. We continually work with our clients to understand their changing business needs and to increase the efficiencies of the business every step of the way, by using our industry expertise and knowledge.

Whilst it is important to get solid foundations in place with your communications, it is also key that you consider your future telecoms needs and what is required to support your business plan and objectives.

Future Proofed Telecommunications

Global 4 will have an open discussion with you around existing telecoms and your business needs, with recommendations for future proof options (giving on-going increased efficiencies and cost savings). Using an experienced and professional telecoms company Global 4 can help you plan your telecoms strategy with the latest technology to cope with future business demands.

Global 4 are relied upon by many customers for all their current and future communication needs.

Reliable And Innovative

Global 4 only install NEC Telephone Systems as over time they have proven to be the most reliable and innovative. With over £2 billion investment on research and development every year, NEC are the world’s number one with 24% of the market share.

Telecoms System That Grows With Your Business

Global 4 are proud to recommend NEC Telephone Systems, they are the ideal communication solution for any workplace from a small office to a large multi handset call centre. The NEC SV8100 handsets are like no other - their unique modular construction means you can change the design as your business grows, without having to replace them giving you great investment protection. The NEC telephone systems provide communications for today and tomorrow to support your future telecoms strategy.

Starting A Business: Getting Your Telecoms Right

Help setting up telecom systems when starting a business

Starting a new business is an exciting time but it's also confusing and full of challenges. Using an experienced and professional telecoms company is one way to get your new business communicating quickly and stress free. With all your telecoms taken care of, you can focus on other areas of your business.

Many UK start up businesses have used Global 4 as a one stop shop to get their business up and running with a turnkey solution. Here's why:

  • You will be supplied with a Telephone System which fits your technology needs, your business plan and your budget.
  • You will receive exceptional network quality and service at competitive rates, with telecoms being supplied through the UK's leading provider. Every step of installing your telecoms system is taken care of, from ordering the paper work to installing the telephone equipment.
  • Your office can use cable and broadband for telephone and computer equipment at special discounted rates.
    You can use a three year finance package to make paying for your new telecoms system easier.
  • All your staff will be trained how to use any new equipment. And our telecoms experts are only ever a phone call away with our UK based Customer Service Help Desk offering expert business telephony advice and first rate customer service.

When your business is successfully up and running, your monthly telecoms bills are available via an online billing interface. This helps you keep all your telecoms information at your fingertips.

Join the ever growing list of start-up businesses who continue to work with Global 4

Global 4's national presence will allow you to receive installation and support, where ever you are in the UK.

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