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If you run a school then you know how important the telephone system is for daily management and to parents of potential and enrolled students. Amongst other things, parents may call to speak to the headteacher or their child’s teacher, call to report a child’s absence from school or to query a class, club or holiday details.

With a telephony system from Global 4, you can set a school favourite menu, tailored to the most frequent types of calls you receive from parents. This includes a dedicated child absence voicemail, enabling parents to quickly tell the school a child will be absent. Our parallel ring system can shield the headteacher from a barrage of phone calls which many schools find incredibly useful.

Integrate with your schools CRM system

Our team can arrange for integration into SIMs CRM package so you can click to call and have contact record popping, making your systems streamlined and efficient. You can keep on top of your own system administration with a helpful and intuitive web platform, and call statistic reports are provided for you to monitor and review.

Trusted by Established Schools

Christ Church School Telephone System
High Weald School Telephone System
Laleham Gap School pharmacy Telephone System
School of Economic Science Telephone System
St Bedes School Telephone System
Lock-down internal communications in classrooms

We can lock-down handsets in classrooms and other public areas within the school for internal calls only to prevent children ringing out. You are protected against fraudulent usage and expensive Openreach engineering with fraud protection and line assurance.

Manage school telephony costs

Many schools are under budgetary constraints and Government funding cuts are having a real impact. You can manage your budgets effectively with our cloud solution. This gives you inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles and cost effective monthly rentals. We have a promotional Xpress licence designed and tailored specifically to allow schools to benefit from a new solution with minimal capital expenditure, fitting neatly within annual budgets.

Here at Global 4 we are renowned for our customer service from installation right through to ongoing account management. You will have 24/7 support 365 days a year, and with technical staff based across the UK, you are never more than 90 minutes from our dedicated team. On average we handle 15 million calls each month, and manage over 40,000 telephone lines. So when you switch to us, you know you’re in good hands.

For more information about how we can help you handle your calls efficiently and save your school money, please contact, call 01403 272910, or complete our online enquiry form.

How we help schools and educational organizations
  • High speed internet connection for volume users
  • Classroom network cabling
  • Auto attendant and call diverting
  • Call recording for training and checking conversations

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