Out of Hours Solutions

Christmas is a busy time of year for most businesses, as well as your customers. Unless you increase staffing numbers considerably to cover this period at a cost to the business, there will always be callers placed on hold when calling you. Around 80% of calls each day are placed on hold, transferred or held in a queue.*

With on hold music and messages, clients will receive a professional first impression of your business. On hold music encourages callers to stay on the line without hanging up. It lets them know their call is being dealt with. Silence leaves them frustrated and unsure if they are still connected. Messages about your business inform and advise them, making them more aware and increasing the likelihood they will use your business.

In a survey of 10,000 callers who were placed on hold for one minute in silence, over half the callers abandoned the call. That could be over 50% of potential sales or leads you would miss out on. When 10,000 callers were placed on hold for one minute listening to professionally produced music and messages on hold, only 2% of callers hung up during the minute.**

During the busy festive period you can use the messaging and music on hold to tell callers about special offers, Christmas information and opening hours. The customer experience is enhanced as they become more aware of your brand and offering, increasing customer retention.

The average caller is placed on hold for 38 seconds. This is longer than the average length of a radio or TV advert, giving you a great opportunity to play them a tailored message for your business. One fifth of callers who hear an on-hold production make a purchasing decision based on information they have heard; that could be 20% more sales or clients for your business in the run up to Christmas!*

During the busy Christmas it's key to let clients know your opening hours and with on hold music and messages you can update these to keep them informed, reducing frustrations. If callers are aware of your business opening hours they will know exactly when your team is available for them to speak to.

Contact us today to arrange your Christmas opening hours and messages from just £40. Call the Global4 team on 01403 272910 or email sales@global4.co.uk

*Research statistics conducted by British Telecom, AT&T, USA Today, Voice Response and Marketing Weekly, US West, Nationwide insurance and Maximarketing Studies
**Extracted from USA Business Telephone Today.

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