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Published: 19th May 2022

What is a Hosted Telephony Solution, and how you’ll benefit from making the switch to our 8x8 Solution.


What is a Hosted Solution?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, what actually is a Hosted Telephony Solution? Most businesses have a rough idea of this product, but don’t truly have a grip on the nitty gritty details that make Hosted the world-class product it is.

Essentially, a Hosted Telephony system is a communications solution where your specialist provider hosts, and manages your businesses phone system securely in the cloud. This allows you the call quality and flexibility you’d expect from your everyday Phone System, just without the traditional on-premise technology (say goodbye to those ugly boxes in the corner of your office).


The understanding and technical ability of Cloud based Hosted Telephony systems is growing rapidly, and at a faster rate than ever before, further accelerated by the Covid-19 lockdowns over the past few years. Businesses of all sizes, whether it’s a small, single person business or a multi-office enterprise, are seeing massive benefits to switching to this technology and way of working.

We’ve outlined just a few of the benefits that businesses are experiencing and thriving on below:


The Benefits of switching over to Hosted Telephony


Unified Communications Platform

With our 8x8 Hosted Telephony solution, everything you need to run your day to day business is joined together at your fingertips. Call, Message, Contacts, Video Conferencing, and Reporting with just the click of a button, all in one place.

Elevate the call quality and reliability of your business phone, and get award winning call quality in the office, or on the move, backed with powerful analytics tools and a single point of administration for all of your office locations. All this supports businesses that want to work with the hybrid working structure for their employees.

Connect with customers and colleagues no matter where you are. Seamlessly transition from phone call to chat to screen share. “8x8 Work” was designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind, so you can work and collaborate in your own way.


Better Analytics on Calls

Trying to understand information from multiple communication tools means making data-driven decisions is time consuming, and above all else, resource intensive. With the 8x8 Hosted Telephony solution, the single platform analytics features provides an array of clear, aggregated analytics across all of your cloud communications. This gives you back the time to focus on what the data means to your business, and your teams within.

Enjoy a wealth of options for the presentation of statistics and data, as well as access to 8x8’s suite of APIs for the extraction and presentation of data on wall boards across the business. You can then couple this with the extensive reporting capabilities to truly keep a handle on agent performance, and your business call performance.


Better Accessibility and Communications

With the 8x8 solution, you can access the system from a plethora of device options, ranging from PCs, Macs, Tablets, and even Mobile devices, as well as your traditional handsets (should you wish you incorporate these).

Empower your workforce to operate from anywhere, with the facility to handle and support interactions on any device. Deliver e-mail, web chat (with Language Translation), social media and other interactions to your agents, alongside the traditional voice communication. Supercharge and integrate your business and CRM apps like Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce to accelerate every workflow.


Scalability and maintenance

With 8x8’s Hosted Telephony, adding or removing users has never been easier. Since you’re running on a Cloud-based system, it’s as easy as purchasing a new license for an agent to get them up and running. You no longer need to order a big bulky amount of traditional technology, making it a seamless integration for when your business carries on its growth. Long story short, your communications solution will grow just as quickly as your business does.

Your solution will be consistently monitored by specialists, and nine times out of ten, any challenges that your system may face will be picked up before you even notice it. With the removal of any on site technology, you won’t need to have expensive engineer visits or maintenance, everything is done remotely, cutting down costs towards your business dramatically and the unnecessary disruption within the office environment.

Our solution support team are constantly on hand to assist your business with any additional configuration or challenges that you may have with the solution. Whether you’re a small start-up business or a large scale enterprise, our team will be the dedicated specialists that you need.

The solution has constant, no extra cost updates and improvements which are consistently rolled out to all users of the product, it’s always in development, growing with market technology to stay competitive and relevant.


It will save you money on your Telephony costs

Traditional Phone Systems (PBX) are expensive, they require constant on-site maintenance and will very quickly become outdated by the latest technology. On top of this, they also take up valuable space within your office.

That’s why here at Global 4, we made the decision to switch to providing 8x8 Cloud Based Hosted Telephony, a cloud-based solution that is vastly more cost effective than traditional systems.  By running through your existing Internet Connection, you will save money on your line rental, and you will no longer have to stomach those large upfront investments on bulky equipment, such as on the desk hardware (unless you would prefer to continue to use a traditional handset) and instead have a simple, per user cost, allowing for easy scalability and only ever paying for the services that you need. You should not see these unexpected call costs at the end of the month, so always know what your outgoings are from month to month.

As well as saving you money, the practicality for your business is a huge stepping stone, if you, like many other businesses around the world are now operating a hybrid workforce, then a Hosted Telephony solution, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the solution that you need for your business. Home Workers can be connected across the cloud, from anywhere in the country (or even the world) saving you with the hassle of installing phone systems in your teams house.

Whether you are operating a dental clinic, MOT Centre, Retail shop or even a multi-site organisation supported with a large contact centre, Global 4 can provide you with a detailed licensing structure that will flexibly cater to your exact requirements.


In simple terms, communication is the core of any successful business and Hosted Telephony really is the way of the future, making your business operate smoother and grow, with more detail and helping to cut down on your costs. If you feel that this solution could be the right one for your business, contact me today for a free, no obligation demonstration of the product on 01403 272910, or


I look forward to helping your business benefit!

Carina Kersey

Business Development Manager

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