Published: 6th Aug 2018

The Old Brewery at Tadcaster was founded in 1758 and bears the name of local brewer Samuel Smith. It is both the oldest brewery in Yorkshire and the only surviving independent brewery in Tadcaster. The smallest of the three modern-day Tadcaster breweries, Sam Smith's is one of the few remaining British breweries to employ the traditional Yorkshire Square system in the production of its beers. 

Brewing water for ales and stouts is still drawn from the original 85 ft (26 m) well, sunk when the site was established in 1758, and the yeast used in the fermentation process is of a strain that has been used continuously since approximately 1900 - one of the oldest unchanged strains in the country. In keeping with this sense of history and tradition, the brewery keeps a small team of dapple-grey shire horses. Rather than being show horses, they are among the last active dray horses in the world. They deliver beer around the town of Tadcaster five days a week. The brewery site has expanded over the years and is divided by Centre Lane. New Street separates it from the adjacent John Smith's Brewery.

With over 300 Pubs spread across the UK requiring telephony in the form of lines calls and broadband awarded Global 4 to take over the estate from August 2018 with the view of reducing costs, simplifying the accounting systems and improving service.

Global 4 having been only established 20 years are renowned throughout the industry as a company that handles small and large estates across the UK with transparencies and accuracies with high levels of service. 

Nigel Barnett MD of Global4 Communications comments.  "Visiting this company was a pleasure and informative, understand the traditional values of running a large family business that has gone on over generations. As a company we feel honoured to have been awarded this contract."


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