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Managed Conference Calls

Managed Conference Calls

For those important corporate announcements and high profile calls, we offer a highly regarded Operator Managed Event service.

Conference Calls

Our experienced operators can manage your call and your audience from start to finish.

Features of the service include complete audience management capability with the ability to record the call, run a Q&A / Voting session, provide a participant list and set up a replay service after the event, if required.



How it works

1      Talk to our specialists to arrange the details of the call and organise any specific requirements you may want included. (e.g Q&As or whether you want the call recorded)

2      Invite your guests

3      At the specified time your guests dial in and are connected by an operator

4      We can ensure that only strictly invited guests are allowed onto the call

5      Alternatively our specialists can dial out to connect your guests

6      Our operator will introduce the call and the key speakers, controlling the sequence of events working closely with you

7      A guest can ask a question at any time by pressing *1 on their keypad

8      After the call a report showing participants and call details such as call duration and costs is available

9      If you recorded the call, you can easily share it, download it or even order a transcription

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