Our easy to use, global, secure, self-managed service is always available and can be easily accessed from virtually anywhere. It is fully automated and requires no pre-booking.

We give you a dial-in number with a PIN and you can set up a conference call from anywhere at any time. The service is simple and secure and is used by hundreds of businesses every day.

You can dial in via local access numbers from virtually anywhere in the world and you can schedule meetings directly from your Outlook via our Outlook Link Tool.

A perfect solution for regular meetings or getting people together instantly to cascade vital information irrespective of anyone's location throughout the world.

Conference Call Features

  • A personal conferencing account for each nominated user
  • A personalised company welcome greeting on conference entry
  • A range of international toll and toll free access numbers for all users
  • You can add a cost code/matter number which appears on your bill enabling you to assign and recharge these costs to specified clients
  • Personalised welcome packs including company branded aide memoire wallet cards

Conference Call Benefits

  • Gives you control over the way your company effectively communicates with its staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Keeps your company ahead of the competition with ability to make decisions and implement them instantly company-wide across the globe
  • Save time and reduce the environmental and monetary costs of travelling to meetings, as well as the wear and tear on your own people

How It Works

  • Inform participants the date and time of the meeting. You can add your meeting details to any email or calendar invitation pre-populated with your dial in numbers and PIN numbers.
  • Hosts and participants dial into the service at the allotted time.
  • They enter the PIN number and the conference begins.

While the call's in progress, you can monitor activity online with host conference control

  • View participants
  • Lock the conference
  • Record the conference
  • Request an operator
  • Dial out to additional participants
  • Private message anyone on the call via chat
  • Launch a screen sharing session to all participants
  • Record the conference
  • Lock the conference
  • Mute participants
  • Count participants and perform roll call

Openness and transparency

  • Full account visibility via the customer area
  • Unique 'drill down' online account management and administration
  • Real time billing, account statements and payment online
  • Full account sort & filtering of billing information
  • Free account sign up
  • We monitor the market closely to ensure we are always competitive on pricing
  • Add a cost code/matter number which appears on your bill enabling you to assign and recharge these costs to specified clients
  • Supports full hierarchical multilevel account structures
  • Optional after-call email summary on all calls
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