Business Telephone Lines and Calls

Most customers save over 40% with Global 4 even if they have already changed to another supplier.

Getting significant savings on your telecoms bill is easy and with no setup costs and just 30 day rolling contract terms, you'll have business flexibility and peace of mind. Once set up our electronic billing platform delivers you fully detailed call profiles showing you ways of saving further money.

Most companies have too many lines, resulting in unnecessary additional costs. Let us perform a health check on your telephone lines and propose how we can provide you significant cost savings by reducing your number of lines, and the costs associated with them.

Business lines and call analysis

Call Management Solutions

Our billing platform is live 24 hours per day giving more data about your business then has every been available before. Unless you have bought expensive software.

Unlike our competitors we don’t only show you the costs but we demonstrate your calling profile as an example time of day, calls that go unanswered, calls that don’t reach you because your lines are all busy.

  • Busy Calls - This will show you at a press of a button that your business does not have enough telephone lines at certain times of the day.
  • Unanswered Calls - Once again at a press of a button will demonstrate that calls are going unanswered during the working day

Lost calls may mean lost business. Our customers use the platform in many different ways depending on the type of industry but it is a well established fact that the more detailed information that is available to you the easier the decision to resolve the challenges

Low Cost Business Line Rental

Line rental from Global 4 is provided by BT Wholesale, meaning that when you switch to us, any existing lines will remain in place - just a whole lot cheaper!

As experts in telecoms, we will reduce your number of lines, and reduce the cost of each one, resulting in an average saving of 40% on your monthly bill.

With 24/7 support 365 days a year, Global 4 is renowned for customer service from installation through to on-going account management. We handle an average of 15 million calls each month, and manage over 40,000 telephone lines. So when you switch to us, you know you're in good hands.

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