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Business Answer Machines

Business Answer Machines

The BT Response 75 plus is a digital answering machine that allows you to record up to 50 minutes of messages. Plug it into the same socket with your phone and you won’t miss another message, no matter whether you’re too busy to pick up the handset or you are just currently out.

Messages are recorded digitally - that means consistent quality, fast resetting, and no tapes to get tangled or worn out. It comes with a VIP feature allowing pre-defined callers to bypass the machine. This stylish product meets office and small business needs, but will also fit into any residence, ensuring that no call goes unanswered.

Other features include Remote Access with security pin, Call Intercept, Time and Date stamp, Voice Prompts & Speaker Volume Control. The unit can be wall mounted and uses an energy efficient power supply unit.


Business Answer Machine


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