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WebEx Enterprise Edition

WebEx Enterprise Edition

A comprehensive suite of fully integrated web and audio collaboration services for sharing applications, presentations, and documents.

WebEx Enterprise Edition

Cisco WebEx Enterprise Edition™ provides a comprehensive suite of real-time web and audio collaboration services (Event Center, Meeting Center and Training Center) that enable users to share applications, presentations, documents and PC desktops.

These can easily be fully integrated with our audio service and are very easy to use.

Participants do not need to subscribe to WebEx to participate in any sessions and they don’t even have to use the same operating system. Cisco WebEx works across Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris system as well as on mobiles and tablets.

The seamless integration of our Audio Conferencing with Cisco WebEx Enterprise Editions gives organisations the power to hold interactive meetings, conduct engaging events, deliver live sales presentations and implement remote learning programs.

It can enhance virtually every facet of a business by increasing productivity and efficiency while improving overall communications.



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