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Voicemail and Unified Messaging

Voice Mail and Unified Messaging

Voice mail has come a long way since its introduction to the UK in the late 1980’s.

Whereas in the early days voice mail was an expensive answering machine, today voicemail is very much your "personal assistant" forwarding messages to wherever you are. Although traditional voice mail features are still a major user requirement many users are bombarded by "information overload". We pick up our faxes, we use our computer to read emails and we use our phone to listen to voice messages. Surely this can be simplified so that we pick up all our messages from one point.

Voice Mail needs to adapt to meet the needs of a new generation of users.

Unified Messaging: The Future of Voicemail

For these users operating a PC is second nature. This is where our newer systems come in. Unified Messaging allows all your messages - emails, voice messages and fax to be delivered into a Microsoft Outlook inbox, the messaging system most of us now use.

Our current systems reflect this requirement and products such as the Smart Office can deliver voice messages to MS Outlook, allowing a voice mail message to be processed like any other email.

Have you tried forwarding a voice message to a colleague or added comments before forwarding the message. You don’t know how? Yet doing these things within MS Outlook is second nature to most of us. This really is one of the key benefits of the MS Windows interface, it’s so easy to use. So whatever your requirement be it traditional voice mail or Unified Messaging the NEC has the solution, all at a very cost effective price.


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