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Telecoms Audits

Auditing Your Telecoms Costs

Telecoms Health Check

Learn how to get more from your business telecoms service

A Global 4 Telecoms Health Check is just what you need.

Using Global 4’s 12 years experience of improving telecoms systems, you’ll learn where you can be making your telecoms systems more efficient and how you can be saving your business money.

Make ongoing savings on your business telecoms costs

After the initial health check, you can continue to work with our telecoms experts to make ongoing reductions to your telephone costs. For example, you can receive email alerts showing changes in your telephone usage and highlighting any unnecessary costs.

You’ll quickly learn there are ongoing saving opportunities with reductions across both hardware and operational costs.

Here are some of the areas of your telecoms system that can be improved with a Global 4 telecoms health check:

Telephone Lines


Telecoms equipment

Telephone calls

Other telecoms costs

How we do improve your business telecoms?

Your Global 4 Telecoms Health Check report will include a full review of the above and recommendations about how your business can make instant savings. On average, companies save up to 40% off their telecoms bill within the first year and continued savings in the future. The telecoms health check is supported with on-going customer service and a realistic implementation plan showing how you can make the seamless transition from your exisiting telecoms provider to Global 4.

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