Published: 21st Feb 2014

An NEC Telephone System is the best solution for compacting all your telephony into one cost effective unit. Read on for 10 reasons why buying NEC will be the smartest investment for your business:

1. Large Screen Display
An informative display that shows you who is calling, from which number, and to which department. Allowing you to answer the phone according to the purpose of the call, a great function businesses with multiple departments who take calls for different purposes. Now you can make sure you always answer to customers in your super-polite voice!

2. Ability to broadcast messages to all handsets
A function ideal for widespread internal announcements, broadcasts and security warnings. With the press of a button, one user can talk to any or all of the other handsets connected to the system through the speakerphone.

3. Conference Call Functionaility
NEC Systems allow you to easily set up and host conference calls. Perfect for discussing your days agenda from your desk, saving time and money on meetings.

4. Answer intercoms and open security doors
Have the ability to answer, welcome, and let in guests buzzing in at the front door. Extra level of security to ensure employees can get in with ease by entering a code of the numeric pad, and guests must state their reason for entry before being granted access.

5. Configure auto attendants easily
Create and configure your own auto attendant to greet and inform guests calling in to your business. Perfect for night time calls, and for when you are away from your desk on lunch, break or at meetings.

6. MyCalls Basic free for a year
Advanced call recording technology free for a year with Global 4. Benefit from advanced call technology from NEC MyCalls absolutely free, allowing you to monitor exactly what’s going on within your business and record results.

7. MyCalls Desktop free for a year
In addition to MyCalls Basic, more great functions – including the ability to dial numbers directly from your computer. No more having to read off your screen and key in numbers on your phone – simply highlight a number with your mouse, press a button, and start your call.

8. 1 Years free maintenance
Get peace of mind with one years free maintenance cover. Our team of engineers are at the ready in the unlikely event of issues with your system – anything from a broken keypad button to replacement and rewiring of your central system.

9. 2 Year Warranty
We provide a 2 year warranty with all of our NEC telephone systems, giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens, you’re covered.

10. Specialist training from Global 4
We will provide all the necessary training to get you comfortable and familiar with your new telephone system. For some, the prospect of a new telephone system can be daunting. Let us take the stress out of making the switch, with fully specialised training to make sure you and all your colleagues are completely comfortable.

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