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Extreme Networks – A Culture and History of Innovation

We take innovation very seriously at Extreme Networks®. Since the start of our company in 1996, it has been a key element in our corporate vision. We focus on creating a culture of innovation, encouraging employees to go beyond the usual solutions.

Extreme Networks is responsible for many innovations in the networking industry and our decision to go beyond conventional thinking was essential to these accomplishments. One measure of our success is that these innovations have been embraced by enterprise IT managers and service providers. They rely on Extreme Networks products and services to help them meet their business goals today and to be ready for tomorrow’s tough challenges.

Extreme Networks – one of the first companies to:


Converged IP Network Solutions. Solving the Tough Stuff


Extreme Networks Equipment


As voice, video and data converge network designers everywhere are posing the all important question—What will it take to implement a converged IP network that improves productivity of diverse users accessing the network with a variety of devices, all the while meeting budget restrictions and government mandated security regulations?

Extreme Networks can help customers with the demands of their business—merging together converged applications, diverse user groups, multiple device types and security mandates, providing the best possible user experience.

Our history of building some of the largest networks in the world, has given us a unique perspective on solving tough network challenges. As advisors we go beyond to recommend and deliver the best technical solutions to our customers, not based on what we manufacture, but based on what their business requires. Extreme Networks continues to help customers build an open converged network that is designed to solve their tough business challenges with our insight and control capabilities.


Sophisticated Ethernet solutions that meet the toughest challenges in network connectivity and IP-based communications

Throughout its history, the Company has delivered more than 15 Million Ethernet ports and has established a presence in more than 50 countries. The Company increases the value of the network with its advanced software platforms that deliver meaningful insight and control to applications and services. This helps corporate enterprises and service providers who must have high performance, secure networks that support converged voice, video and data. Intelligence is enhanced with an extensible, flexible and secure protocol-based communication capability, allowing devices to talk to one another.

Enterprise Switching Products


Extreme Networks Equipment


Extreme Networks enables enterprises to proactively manage their operations, maintain business continuity, and enhance user productivity and IT manageability while applying on-demand network performance for business-critical applications. Extreme Networks smart enterprise solutions run on a single operating system, provide unprecedented network visibility and mobility with seamless wired-to-wireless connectivity, and enable businesses to successfully deploy a converged, smarter network.


Extreme Networks Equipment


The demands of the enterprise require solutions that combine consistent performance, network availability and simplified management. BlackDiamond® and Summit® switching products from Extreme Networks are designed to deliver these critical capabilities. Products from Extreme Networks share the same user interface and management framework, ensuring end-to-end simplicity, which is even more critical now with a single, converged network that carries all of an organization’s voice, video and data traffic.


Extreme Networks Equipment



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