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NEC XN120 System

Sophisticated communication made simple

With the speed and intensity of business constantly on the rise, just keeping up with your competitors is hard enough. To grow and become more profitable, you need to find ways to get more done in less time. The key to meeting this challenge is more effective communication between your staff, customers and partners.

Introducing the XN120 Telephone System from NEC

For too long, the most powerful and innovative telephone systems have only been within the reach of large corporations. With the XN120, this is no longer the case.

Designed to satisfy the growing telecommunication needs of small and medium businesses, this is a professional, flexible and easy-to-use voice communication system at a price that makes perfect sense.

Brought to you by a global communications leader

NEC Infrontia is part of the global communications leader NEC. For three decades, we have been supplying leading-edge communications solutions to small to medium businesses throughout Europe. XN120 continues that long tradition, giving you access to the features that you require. XN120 also brings investment protection by being the only SME telephone system capable of connecting to the broadband SIP network.

Offer your customers fast and professional customer service

No matter how good your products and services, your success is ultimately determined by how well you look after your customers overall. Smoothly connecting to your customers and partners is what gives your business the competitive edge. It makes good business logic to ensure your new phone system can keep pace with today’s rapidly changing communication technologies.

Protect your investment in telecoms equipment

Are you buying a new phone system that is about to become obsolete? Take a closer look at XN120.

The XN120 has many standard features which mean your telecommunications systems will be able to keep pace with your business’s future telecoms requirements.

A Telecoms system that grows with your business

XN120 meets the requirements of the SME customer.

XN120 is the only phone system that can start as small as three exchange lines and eight extensions with competitive pricing and grow to 72 extensions without you having to replace a single item.

All growing businesses must make every penny count. With XN120, you buy what you need today, safe in the knowledge that your investment will not be wasted. Which other phone system supplier can match that?

XN120 gives you all the features you need to present an efficient, friendly and polished communications service that will delight your customers and help grow your profits.


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