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Inbound Call Tracker

Businesses can now truly understand what missed calls are costing their business. Inbound Call Tracker gives control of inbound calls as well as outbound calls. All call data is available on our online billing interface the very next day.

Inbound Call Tracker allows better business decisions to be made, leading to cost savings on every day running costs, improved customer service and increased productivity.

The benefits:

Satisfied customers. Knowing when and why you’re missing calls from important customers allows you to adjust your staffing levels to improve service.

Cost savings. Monitoring periods of lower call activity allows you to make improved cost savings on every day running costs with no capital expenditure.

Increased productivity. Help your business grow by maximising the efficiency of your staff during your peak periods of call activity.

Be more responsive. Real call data available online via our Web Billing management system, allows you to make better business decisions when they matter.

For more information on how Inbound Call Tracker can help your business, please refer to the PDF below or call us on 01403 272910 for further details.


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