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Hosted Voicemail

Hosted voicemail – a professional answering service at your fingertips

Hosted Voicemail

Client calls missed due to lines being busy or not being picked up can lose an organisation valuable business.

Global 4’s hosted voicemail solution ensures you never miss a client contact again. This centralised solution does not require any hardware and is under your complete control.

Using BT services on a standard telephone line, an incoming call can be diverted to our hosted voicemail if there is no answer or the line is busy. The call is then answered with a personal, professionally-recorded greeting with your company name and details, allowing the client to leave a message if they wish.

Once recorded, the system will email the intended recipient stating that a message has been left along with the date and time, as well as a .WAV file of the recording to play back. In the event that a computer does not have the facility for listening to the message, there is a number to call included in the email through which the recording can be accessed.

There are no setup costs for this professional answering service, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

To get your hosted voicemail solution call our sales team on 01403 272910.

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