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FAQs: New Customers

FAQs: New Customers

Q: How is it possible to save money on your calls?
: In 1984 the government deregulated the telecoms industry. This allowed for competition with names like Mercury, Cable and Wireless, Energis, Thus and Gamma all able to use the infrastructure and to supply the same calls at reduced prices. So in simple terms BT are offering a cash and carry wholesale department working on the logic that who buys the most pays the cheapest price. You the customer however small or large, benefits from the reduced call prices without having to enter into long-term commitments and retro discounts.

The service is extremely simple. The carrier provides Global 4 with all your daily calling information. This data is then loaded onto the Global 4 billing platform, where it is made available for you to view at your discretion via the internet.

We can also report any changes in call pattern or call abuse immediately via remote e-mail alerts, unlike your current set up where you have a paid bill for the month following and reams and reams of paper with you never having time to interrogate the detail.

We are able to offer you a bill on the second day of the working month for VAT purposes and a full reporting on all types of calls made even in graphs if required. Downloadable into a spreadsheet format should you wish to use cost entries in your company management accounts or wish to review each call made.

We simply take the information from your current phone bill and take the costs, divide it by the duration and this will allow you for the first time to see how much it has cost you per minute to make a phone call. We take into account local, national, mobile and any other destinations. The challenge is that BT total your day, peak and off peak calls into one total. However with our billing platform they will be listed separately so the savings will be greater and your bill will be much easier to understand.

Q: I’m fed up with receiving poor customer service from my current telecoms provider, why is Global 4 different?
Global 4 customers have access to a personal and informed UK Customer Service Help Desk along with a dedicated Account Manager. We understand our customers like to hear a human voice as their first line of support and we even follow up maintenance visits with courtesy calls to ensure customer service excellence is delivered.

With 24/7 support for 365 days a year, Global 4 is renowned for customer service from installation through to on-going account management. Our offices are open from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and during these times it is equally easy for customers to contact us via email. Outside of these times, calls are dealt with by our out-of-hours team. Global 4 are passionate about customer service.



If you can’t find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us at, call 01403 272910 or complete our online Enquiry Form.



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