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We supply market leading DrayTek Vigor routers, due to their exceptional performance and value for money.

See below our three most popular routers for Small Office and Home Owners (SoHo), and Businesses:

Vigor 2710 Series ADSL Router/Firewall (£129.99)

The DrayTek Vigor 2710 Series ADSL2/2+ routers are designed to be the ideal ADSL-sharing and firewall device for to the SoHo (Small Office / Home) user. They combine compatibility with all UK ADSL line types together with performance, features and price into an attractive, relible and easy-to-use product, with the pedigree and thoughtful design DrayTek are renowned for. Wireless (WiFi) and VoIP equipped models further enhance the flexibility of the router and outgoing VPN makes it ideal as a teleworker router for your home VPN link to your main office.

Vigor 2130 Series Router/Firewall (£149.99)

The DrayTek Vigor 2130 Series routers are intended for the new generation of very-high speed, Ethernet-connected broadband services, such as connection to broadband modems from Virginmedia or BT’s Infinity modem* (VDSL/FTTC). It is an ideal router firewall for SoHo users wanting very high speed access with control and a wealth of other usability features. Your PCs, consoles or other devices can plug into the 4-Port gigabit switch and the Wireless versions can provide WiFi access to your laptops, tablet computers, mobile phones or any other device which can access the internet over WiFi.

Vigor 2860 Series VDSL/ADSL Router Firewall (£210.99)

The Vigor 2860 series (including the Vigor 2860n and Vigor 2860Vn) is our new router/firewall which can support either ADSL or VDSL (BT Infinity™/FTTC). This makes the Vigor 2860 ideal ideal for users with ADSL now who might upgrade to VDSL later. Alternative WAN ports can insead provide connectivity to Ethenet feeds, secondary xDSL modems or a 3G cellular service using a USB adaptor. This latest router series includes support for professional features such as VLAN tagging, Gigabit Ethernet built-in WiFi (’n’ models).

Packed with professional-level features, the Vigor 2860 series offers truly comprehensive DSL connectivity and security. Compatible with all UK variants of ADSL (including ADSL2+ and Annex M), VDSL and VDSL2, the Vigor 2860 can also be used for cable-modem, leased line and EFM applications using its Gigabit Ethernet WAN port. On VDSL, the Vigor 2860 series supports the very latest services for speeds up to 80Mb/s (depending on line quality and length).

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