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A Greener Telecoms Provider

Global 4 is working hard towards reducing its carbon footprint with the following green policies in place: 

We also offer our customers the option of a greener telecoms solution.


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Are you paying for telephone lines that you’re not even using? Are you paying 60% more than you should be for short calls?

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What they said

Thanks for lunch today, just wanted to send an email to confirm what I said earlier about Jenni. She’s a real asset to your team and has always come through for us not just on battling BT for Southfields but just about every order we have ever put through with you. She’s always friendly and extremely helpful and we’re grateful for all the support she provides. Whilst I am specifically mentioning Jenni this time all of this could equally be extended to any member of your team who we have come in contact with. Thanks to the team!&rdquo

Tom Davis, IT Manager
Badger Holdings Limited


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Have all your telecoms information at your fingertips

telecoms information at your fingertips

With our online billing interface, inbound and outbound call data and call alert tracking you can use accurate, up-to-date information to control costs and make better business decisions

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