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Download the brochure or user guide of your choice as a pdf. Select from the list below.

We have not listed every brochure and user guide here as there are just so many - we’ve just listed the most requested by our customers. If you can’t find the brochure or user guide you need, go to the Telephone Systems menu or the Products & Services menu where you’ll find lots more information.

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What they said

“As a business as old as the hills, the Balcombe Estate isn’t used to change. We don’t change suppliers, we use contractors which have been around for donkey’s years, and it took 10 years to take the colossal step of upgrading our computer system from Windows 97. Then, our phone contract came up for renewal. Widespread panic descended on the two staff we have in our office. Fortunately, I’m pleased to announce we were approached by Global 4, who have been nothing short of exemplary. We were hesitant at first (“they aren’t BT. How can they do phones?”). We took the plunge, and signed up, and have been delighted with both the pricing and service we have received. Eventually, our telephone system gave up the ghost, and needed replacing. We didn’t know who to call, so we asked Global 4. James Routledge came; as with any ‘salesman’ we were a little cautious. It was James’ attitude to dealing with us which helped sway our decision; the sales never took priority – James concentrated so hard on providing a good service, we were happy to let him sell us something. Far too often I deal with suppliers who are the other way around, and it was extremely refreshing to receive a friendly face who actually looked at what we’ve got, and listened to what we wanted, long before any suggestion was made as to what we needed. James is nothing short of an asset to Global4, and should be viewed as an invaluable team member – he’s got the personal touch!! &rdquo

Tom Hyde
Balcombe Estate

Have all your telecoms information at your fingertips

telecoms information at your fingertips

With our online billing interface, inbound and outbound call data and call alert tracking you can use accurate, up-to-date information to control costs and make better business decisions

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